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Vaishally Sood

Hi, I’m Vaishally Sood, an abstract-figurative Artist. I have been a professional artist for 15 years and have absolutely loved my creative journey. My studio is based in Gurugram, India. Through my artwork, I explore themes of sovereignty, self-actualization & realism. I am deeply passionate about painting and grateful that I can do for living.

My major objective is to deliver the liveliness within us. To bring light, warmth, and dynamism to the world and inspire others to embrace who they are.

My motivation comes from a variety of places; I am simply ecstatic to be alive - to understand all the wonders our world has to offer and cherish the wonderful journey that is being a fine artist. I am deeply influenced by travel, Photography, sculpture painting, and utilizing art as a means of self-encounter.

I believe that life is an adventure and there is an abundance of inspiration all around us. I aim to offer a space for you to see yourself in the subjects I paint, these bold and authentic strokes, and express various emotions.

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An artist driven by passion, seized by obsession, excited with expression, fascinated by vision, filled with emotion consumed with beauty and blindsided by inspiration. My art signifies expression whether it’s LOVE, PASSION, FACINATION or anything you can imagine.

As a self driven artist, for me imagination is more important than knowledge as imagination encircles the Universe. So brace yourself and Welcome to my mind to live out loud.

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